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 All our accommodation is well equipped with quality furnishings, tastefully decorated & compliant for fire safety and HMO legislation.

Constantly being updated to ensure you will have a comfortable house to enjoy, with modern furniture and appliances.

All our acommodation is professionally cleaned and decorated as required between each tenancy. Fortnightly cleaning can be arranged for communal areas

Bedrooms are furnished with modern quality furnishings, we do not work to a budget, with double beds, good size desks and storage facilities. Lounges are provided with quality sofas and TVs.

Bathrooms are to a high standard, with quality fittings and decor. Kitchens are refurbished on frequent basis, ensuring that they are up to date with modern high quality branded appliances (Bosch etc).

All very conveniently located for both Uni's, Osborne Rd Nightlife and City centre.

 We have student rental properties in Newcastle

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Area Street Bedrooms Size/Rent/Available Picture Details
Near university, Newcastle Claremont street 6 1. Large/109/Yes
2. Large/109/Yes
3. Medium/109/Yes
4. Large/109/Yes
5. Large/109/Yes
6. Large/109/Yes
Total Rent: 2,834.00pm
Sandyford, Newcastle Chester st 6 1. Large/97/Yes
2. Medium/97/Yes
3. Medium/97/Yes
4. Medium/97/Yes
5. Medium/97/Yes
6. Large/97/Yes
Total Rent: 2,522.00pm
Sandyford, Newcastle Brandon grove 3 1. Medium/99/Yes
2. Medium/99/Yes
3. Large/99/Yes
Total Rent: 1,287.00pm
Sandyford, Newcastle Gladstone terrace 6 1. Large/103/Yes
2. Large/103/Yes
3. Large/103/Yes
4. Large/103/Yes
5. Large/103/Yes
6. Large/103/Yes
Total Rent: 2,678.00pm
Sandyford, Newcastle Gladstone terrace 6 1. Medium/103/Yes
2. Medium/103/Yes
3. Medium/103/Yes
4. Medium/103/Yes
5. Medium/103/Yes
6. Medium/103/Yes
Total Rent: 2,678.00pm
Sandyford, Newcastle Gladstone terrace 6 1. Large/98/Yes
2. Large/98/Yes
3. Large/98/Yes
4. Large/98/Yes
5. Large/98/Yes
6. Large/98/Yes
Total Rent: 3,003.00pm
Sandyford, Newcastle Harrison Place 6 1. Large/114/Yes
2. Large/114/Yes
3. Large/114/Yes
4. Large/114/Yes
5. Large/114/Yes
6. Large/114/Yes
Total Rent: 2,964.00pm